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Squidgydoodle Party Boxes: Our review and 10% off

Squidgydoodle Party Boxes: Our review and 10% off

Here at Little Ankle Biters we’re big fans of Squidgydoodle – Buckinghamshire based producer of amazing craft boxes for children. This summer we got our hands on one of their children’s party boxes, and also got to chat all things craft related with Debbie (all-round super mummy and the brains behind Squidgydoodle). You can read our interview here.


If, like us, the thought of planning a birthday party for your little cherub leaves you cradling a bottle of wine in the corner of a room, then a Squidgydoodle party box could just be the answer to all your prayers. The concept is genius. You get a party box sent to your house, and in the box is everything you need to entertain your little party guests based around your chosen theme. Party themes include; Pirate, Unicorn, Superhero, Fairy, and Rainbow. We went for a Pirate box, threw an impromptu party with 5 of our nearest and dearest, and absolutely loved it!

Squidgydoodle pirate party box review contents

The box comes with everything you need to throw an incredible child’s party, guaranteed to keep kiddies busy and happy. There are 4 different craft activities in each box. Throughout our party the kiddies; designed their own pirate treasure map, created their own pirate character, squirt painted a sea scene using syringes (great fun!), and explored the deep blue seas with the use of water beads. All of the materials needed for the activities are provided, so no more rummaging around for dried up glue sticks and crusty paint pots. Convenience and simplicity are the name of the (very well-planned) game here, and it’s truly a life saver. There are clear instructions for the activities and suggested games which are easy to follow and help keep the party moving.

Squidgydoodle pirate party box review pirates

All activities encourage children to get hands on, use their imaginations and explore the world of art in a fun and engaging way. Our kids loved creating their own pirates and even came up with names and a back story describing their characters and things they like. The pirate treasure maps were also hugely popular, they really enjoyed using the tea bags (all provided) to stain the paper giving it an old map effect and talked us through the perilous routes we had to take to reach the buried treasure. What’s more it keeps the children busy, there’s nothing worse than a room full of little ones with nothing to focus on at a party.

Squidgydoodle pirate party box review crystals

In our eyes, Squidgydoodle is the Mary Poppins of the party world, and their boxes will certainly leave your party guests feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (totally had to spellcheck that one…)

Squidgydoodle pirate party box review creating

Party boxes start from £80.00 and are suitable for parties of 8 – 30 children. The box will get delivered to your front door, and can even be sent as a gift. You’ll also receive; party invitations as a free download, thank you notelets for afterwards, and top tips for running a party.

Squidgydoodle pirate party box review squirt painting

Little Ankle Biters followers can currently get 10% off any Squidgydoodle product. Just click here to go to the Squidgydoodle site, choose your item and enter ANKLEBITERS at the checkout. Valid until 20.10.18. Happy shopping!



We hope you found this post useful in helping to plan your child’s party. For ideas on children’s party venues, click here.





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