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Coral Reef Waterworld, Bracknell

Coral Reef Waterworld, Bracknell

After 18 months and £13m, the doors to Bracknell’s Coral Reef have opened again to the public. And what’s inside is well worth the wait. We went down for a nosey the day before it opened to the public and already can’t wait to go back again.

Firstly, they’ve kept all the bits that we loved about Coral Reef before, just with a makeover. There’s still a large indoor pool with an interactive toddler splash area, great for the smaller ones. The famous Coral Reef Pirate Ship still takes centre stage in the pool, I couldn’t help but get on board and memories of being younger came flooding back! Kiddies will love role playing on the ship and using the water cannons around the sides. The lazy river and fountain area is there for people looking for a more chilled out pool experience, and you can swim through a doorway finding yourself outside in Bracknell Forest!

The changing rooms and shower area are completely refurbished. Everything is well laid out with lots of large family changing rooms and plenty of lockers.

But, what really pushes Coral Reef from a 9 to a 10 are the incredible new waterslides. Viewing them from outside you see a mass of tunnels and tubes intertwined and looping around, it’s quite a design masterpiece. There are 5 new waterslides in total:

Storm Chaser – the perfect slide for thrill seekers. Rush down through the choppy waters being rocked from side to side. Riders can customise their experience at the top before taking to their raft choosing from 8 different colour and sound shows.

Aqua Splash – This is a much gentler ride for families with young children who can still enjoy the thrills of a water slide but at a much more leisurely pace. The slide is customisable, with a selection of 8 different colour and sound shows, which children select at the top of the slide. And the fun continues on your way down, 15 touch pads will illuminate inside the tube for kiddies to hit as they go by, scoring points on their journey. If a touch pad is triggered, sounds will be heard to indicate successful contact. The more you hit, the more you score.

The Cannon – The Cannon is a high speed, high energy slide that will shoot brave riders into darkness down the 67 metre slide like a cannon ball from a cannon. This ride is not for the faint hearted. At the top of the slide, a timer will count down before riders launch themselves down the slide at whatever explosive speed they dare, activating the speed timer. A sensor at the bottom will detect the slider ending their journey and their time, as well as their speed, will be displayed on an LED screen.

Poseidon’s Peril – Poseidon’s Peril sends riders on a choppy descent towards the ocean floor, as they are drawn into the abyss of the slide’s iconic super crater. Heading down the slide on an inflatable 2 person raft, 20 individual light rings change colour and rotate, giving the rider the sensation of swirling and increasing speed. Inside the super crater, the riders chosen theme is projected all around them, with accompanying lights and sounds. A camera will take an action picture of the adventure, which will be displayed at the end of the slide. Riders will have the option to email their photo to themselves so they can share their experience with friends.

Maelstrom – The journey begins with calm waters and peaceful colours and sounds. But stormy waters lie ahead. Soon, riders will enter the maelstrom of the slides first crazy cone. Riding on the swells, the raft will twist and turn before expelling the riders forward or backwards into choppy waters down into the darkness and towards the second crazy cone. Riders will find themselves looming towards projections of their chosen theme as they approach the water cascade and are forced out the other side and released from the clutches of the maelstrom.

Slides aren’t running at all times, please check before travelling.

A trip to Coral Reef Waterworld will appeal to families with children of all ages. This certainly get the Little Ankle Biters seal of approval.


Prices for 2017 to 2018

Peak time prices are:

Adult – £11.10

Under 16s – £7.80

Under 5s – Free

Off peak prices are:

Adult – £6.50

Under 16s – £4.50

Parent and toddler (1 adult and up to 2 pre-school children) – £6.50

Car parking – there are plenty of spaces on site. The car park is £3.00 for up to 5 hours or £5.00 all day.
Coral Reef users will be able to redeem £3 (maximum) back against the price of their entrance fee, including those purchasing a £5 car parking ticket.

For more information and opening times, click here.

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