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The New Inn, Knowl Hill

The New Inn, Knowl Hill

Nestled on the side of the A4 between Maidenhead and Reading is the New Inn, Knowl Hill. This is a family friendly pub which specialises in Italian and Tapas. They have a children’s menu which includes tasty mini dishes like meatballs, deep fried calamaris, chicken croquettes and spaghetti carbonara.

Not only is the food great and a sure hit with the little ones, but they also have a pub garden away from the main road which has a children’s play area. Win win!

Address: Bath Road, A4 Knowl Hill, Berkshire, RG10 9UU

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2 thoughts on “The New Inn, Knowl Hill”

  • Mothers Day lunch at the New Inn was a fantastic experience. Great food and service and very child friendly with a huge garden. Will definately try again.

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