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Little Muddy Boots, Ascot & Bracknell

Little Muddy Boots, Ascot & Bracknell

Little Muddy Boots is a unique garden and nature club for 2 to 5 year olds. Each session is different and packed full of new things for your little ones to explore and learn about. From growing bean teepees, pond dipping, making weather stations, to drilling bee homes. There is so much fun to be had playing outdoors!

As a garden designer, and mum of two little boys, I feel there is so much to be gained from playing and learning together outside. It’s a chance to fill your lungs with fresh air, enjoy the natural daylight (that’s full of vitamin D), to boost your mood, and most importantly spend quality time together exploring the great outdoors.

Little Muddy Boots is currently held at two locations near Ascot, Berkshire. Both sites offer a safe, secure outdoor space where the kids grow their own vegetables, create bug hotels and play in the mud kitchen and water zone. We also regularly go on adventures to explore the nearby natural habitats, such as private woodlands, orchards and meadows.

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